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Metal Detectors and Separators - Metal Detektor
Metal Detectors and Separators - Metal Detektor

Magnetic Separators - SM 1000

Specially designed for conveyor belts, it has come to replace conventional electromagnets. The Magnetic Separator attracts from the smallest nail to larger pieces of up to 20 kg of iron.

With no maintenance costs and no electrical power required to operate, it is an excellent choice for the cost-effective way of protecting all machinery.

It can also be used in conjunction with the DM-2000 Metal Detector, ensuring complete protection for your equipment as it will prevent pieces stuck in the clay (not recognized by the magnetic separator) from going unnoticed.

Long service life and simple installation only add to the advantage of purchasing the SM-1000 magnetic separator for your business: the smartest option to make a profit!

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Main features

  • Works without electricity
  • No Maintenance Required
  • High attraction power, over 5 kg

Main Applications

  • Mining Industries
  • Recycling Industries
  • Tire Industries
  • Fertilizer Production
  • Glass Industries
  • Aluminum Industries
  • Ceramic Flooring Industries
  • Ceramic Block / Ceramic Tile Industries
  • Sawdust / Wood Briquettes Production

Technical Characteristics

Standard Dimensions 450mm x 330mm x 280mm
Weight 72 kg
Attracted metals Iron and Iron Alloys
Power supply No Power Supply / Cooling Oil Required
Degree of protection IP65 Coil
Packaged Product Weight (Standard) 78 kg
Dimensions Box Packaged Product (Standard) 500mm x 380mm x 330mm
Warranty 5 years
DM1000 - Metal Detektor

It can also be used with the DM-2000 Metal Detector , ensuring total protection to your equipment.

Quality Metal Detektor

This warranty stands for quality and safety, offering state-of-the-art products through a strict quality program.