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What are?

Metal Detektor's line of Magnetic Detectors and Separators has been developed from extensive studies aimed at a definitive solution in the detection / separation of metallic materials foreign to the production environment. We studied the equipment and mainly, the PROCESS.

Our products allow you to detect and remove small metal objects without having to stop production.

In this way, the product allows a considerable increase in productivity, avoiding unnecessary stops in production, or even the breakdown of machinery and waiting for maintenance to resume the line.

Magnetic Separators - SM 1000 Safe Rover - Metal Detector Metal Detector for Equipment Protection - DM 2000 High Sensitivity Detector - Guardian MD Metal Detector

Know some of its differentials

Low operating cost

Metal Detektor's line of metal detectors and separators is characterized by its low operating cost and is only a small fraction of the cost of repairing damage.

High yield

It has high yield and useful life. Low operating cost

Environmentally friendly

The Magnetic Separator works without electricity, while the Metal Detector works with reduced power consumption.