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Metal Detectors and Separators - Metal Detektor
Metal Detectors and Separators - Metal Detektor

Treadmill - Transporter Arm

Transporter-Arm is suitable for industries that need to optimize the production and metal inspection process in their line.

Being factory manufactured fully coupled with the metal detector, this equipment saves a high value of initial start up of the inspection line.

Transporter - arm helps increase productivity by saving time in the detection process.
Esteira Transporter Arm - Metal Detektor
Main applications for small productions
  • French Fries, Cookies and General Food
  • Pickled and Dehydrated Foods
  • Ice
  • Supplements and Natural Medicines
Main features
  • Sturdy, long lasting, cost effective
  • Track Speed Adjustment System included
  • Immediate Track Interruption in Case of Detection
  • Practical Track Reset Button
  • Electric and Configuration Panel Included - Plug & Play System
  • 100% designed to receive metal detector equipment (Guardian MD)
  • Low energy consumption
Esteira Transporter Arm - Metal Detektor

Designed to work in conjunction with Guardian MD, it's the perfect solution for increased productivity.

Quality Metal Detektor

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