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Metal Detectors and Separators - Metal Detektor
Metal Detectors and Separators - Metal Detektor

Comparison Electromagnets Vs Magnetic Separator Metal Detektor

Unlike Electromagnets , which use large amounts of electrical energy to generate the magnetic field, the Metal Detektor Separators they are manufactured using natural magnetic plates, which exert magnetic power naturally due to their chemical composition.

Below is a comparative table on the characteristics of each type of equipment.
Natural Magnetic Separator Electromagnet
Electricity Does not use electricity High power consumption
Maintenance It has no maintenance Manual oil change required
Lifetime 30 years 10 years maximum
Protection No burning Subject to weather such as lightning and power surges
Investment Most competitive cost High cost

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SM1000 - Metal Detektor

Meet the Magnetic Separator Metal Detektor - SM 1000 , the best choice for your process.

Quality Metal Detektor

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